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It’s pretty simple — when you want high-quality T-shirt printing of your custom designs, use custom screen printing from Standpoint Promotions!

We deliver exactly the custom screen-printed products that you’re looking for, on time and on your schedule. And our convenient location in Fort Worth, Texas means that anyone in the Metroplex — or all of north Texas — can rely on us.

Please take a moment to watch our video for a “behind-the-scenes” look at our staff at work. You’ll see the top-of-the-line equipment and hard-working team members that create all of our custom products.

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Standpoint Promotions features top of the line M&R screen printing equipment to guarantee high quality t-shirt printing and rapid turn around times on your custom designs.

Take a look at the video to share a sneak peek of our studio and staff at work!

We use the best, so we can deliver the best!

What is custom screen printing?

Screen printing is a technique used to make custom-designed T-shirts, koozies, bags and other products. During the screen printing process, a mesh-based stencil is used to apply ink to the item. Here’s a summary of the basic steps:

  1. We take your artwork (or design it for you).
  2. We create a film positive transparency of the artwork
  3. Using the film positive, we create a screen. Each screen is made of polyester mesh stretched onto a frame (usually made of wood or aluminum). The screen is prepared by using emulsion (a light-sensitive liquid), the film positive, and a special light.
  4. Your screen is inserted into the printing press, squeegees are locked in, and the ink is applied. Then your item is lined up in a perfectly flat position on the pallet.
  5. The press raises the item to the screen, and the squeegees push ink through the openings in the mesh screen – printing your chosen design onto the item with ink.
  6. The item is dried so the ink cures, and we’re done!

The three things that matter most in custom screen printing

Customers who choose Standpoint Promotions know that there are three things that we focus on while delivering top-quality, custom screen-printed shirts. They are:

  • Commitment to quality = It’s about delivering exactly what you want – top-quality, custom screen-printed shirts made using the best materials.
  • Fast turnaround times = We work quickly without sacrificing quality, even if it’s a rush job.
  • Budget-friendly products = You have plenty of screen printing companies to choose from, so we offer competitive pricing that fits your bottom line.

We use the right equipment

To make the best screen printed products around, you need to use the best screen printing equipment. That’s why the T-shirt print shop at Standpoint Promotions uses M&R screen printed equipment that delivers the very best in color and precision.

Specifically, we use the versatile M&R Sportsman model – which features 10 heads and 8-color availability. Our Tajima embroidery machines also provide exceptional results.

Additionally, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art computers that enable our team to get the most out of our main equipment – and to take custom screen printing to a whole new level of quality and excellence.

We have a dedicated, expert staff

You can’t just walk off the street and use all that great equipment we mentioned above. It takes training, skill and commitment to create high-quality screen printed products — and those qualities are what we expect from our team. When it comes to custom screen printing, our employees know it inside and out, upside and down, front and back!

Our pros draw on their extensive industry experience to offer you virtually limitless options for your screen printing needs. The hard-working, detail-oriented professionals at Standpoint are also well-versed in all the latest printing procedures.

We offer graphic design services

Whether you already have a specific design in mind, or are starting from scratch, our graphic design services have you covered. Our graphic design team will work directly with you to recreate a specific look, update an old look, or even roll out an all-new, unique design for you. Whatever your needs, our talented, friendly design staff are ready to help you bring your vision to life.

You can depend on us for all your custom screen printing needs

Every order — whether it’s a couple dozen T-shirts for a local family reunion or a big order of company shirts for an entire global workforce — receives the same attention to detail and quality. Standpoint Promotions is ready, willing and able to meet your screen printing needs! Ready to get started?


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